If you are aware that you are an INFJ personality type - Congratulations for the phenomenal first step!

What's next...?

Let's take a glance at your gifts


You are curious and imaginative. Your need to express yourself always comes out in unparalleled novel ways.


The heightened intuition regarding human dynamics and energies make you natural empaths.


You are great listeners and emotionally gifted. No wonder, when you talk, it reaches straight to the hearts.


The passionate and talented INFJ personalities have an ingrained need to indulge in meaningful vocations with a purpose.

 Growth Seekers

  You have a penchant for exploring new possibilities and reaching out to newer horizons.


You are spiritually open and are blessed with a vision that helps you foresee what others often skip.

 Nonetheless, often overwhelmed and emotionally-charged INFJ personalities find it very challenging to harness their strengths!

If you think it's time to empower yourself and transform 

your life - Meet your coach!

 If you think, you are alone - You are not!

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To me, life has come a full circle from being someone who was trying to find her true self to a person who is on a mission to help you as INFJs to build an EPIC LIFE ON YOUR TERMS.

Here is my story

To the world, it seemed I had it all figured out for myself. With a Master's degree in Economics, I was cutting through the chase at my full speed. Life was filled and fueled with exotic vacations, pompous friendships, and a lovely family that basked in my success.
Truth be told, after seven years of working in some of the top financial institutions and traveling across oceans, I knew something was cringing inside me. Wenzes was crumbling. My perfect life, right out of some frame, was brimming with material success and shiny accolades. However, inside, I felt empty every second of the day.

By now, I was a disheartened person launched on a wild goose chase to find the ultimate happiness; unfortunately for me, in everything external. How on earth, could it ever end well?

The self-inflicted pain had taken the best of me. It was then when I decided to use all this mounting negativity and change my life once and for all. I came to realize that I must break the shackles of this psychological cave if I ever were to claim my place in the world ON MY TERMS.

After putting hundreds of hours into researching, studying, and analyzing, I discovered that I am an INFJ personality type—the rarest of the sixteen of Myers Briggs personality types. I instantly knew something so unique is not anything but a gift. A blessing I embraced with all my heart, and I began to nurture it further!

This time, I was hiking up on the right mountain—the mountain where my journey, my reality, and my dreams were going to peak. The little but consistent changes made to my mindset, lifestyle, and perception made a profound impact on my life.
The new confident, desirable, and a go-getter ‘I’ decided that I must help other fellow-INFJs streamline their struggles with finding their best version.

The desire gave birth to my YouTube Channel - Wenzes. In the past years, I have passionately created rich content on my channel, guiding INFJs towards living an epic life that they build on their terms.
My channel has been watched over 1 Million times and has impacted many lives towards positive living. With that, I have mentored many precious INFJs via my audioguide and bootcamp in the past few years.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my fellow-INFJs living an empowered life that is full of bliss and blessings - I dedicate my life to this purpose!
Love ~ Wenzes!