The realization that you can take charge of your life and transform it into an EPIC Life is but a powerful one. I am proud of you that you have dared to say 'No-more' to your inner blocks. All big things begin with acknowledging the challenges that lay in the roots.

Over the years of interacting and helping many INFJs, I have figured out that although our problems are universal, still each of us faces a unique set of challenges.

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A quick view of my personalized coaching programs:

Program EM – Epiphany + Momentum

6 sessions of 45 minutes each  $3800 USD

Figuring out your limiting beliefs further paves the way to designing a plan of action where we will together devise a step-by-step plan to help you break away from your mental shackles.


Program EMA – Epiphany + Momentum + Ascend (VIP Package)

10 Sessions of 45 minutes each   $6000 USD

Sometimes acknowledging the challenges and finding ways to break through them is not enough. You need someone to handhold you, motivate you, and keep inspiring you, while you walk through that tough road towards transformation. Program EMA is best for those of you who would like my constant support and encouragement as they go through this change of a lifetime. I make sure to respond to all your communications within the 24-hour window.

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Here are some testimonials from my clients:

I decided to start working with Wenzes when I realized that I need accountability and guidance to accomplish my goals. Wenzes gave all of that and more.  She went above and beyond to provide me with every resource that I needed to tackle my tasks. She was incredibly reliable and insightful.  I will always appreciate the encouragement and guidance that she gave me in all of our sessions and I would highly recommend her as a coach for anyone who is feeling stuck!

- Ketra

Wenzes is smart, understanding, patient, encouraging, and abundantly more.  Her efforts and assistance are immeasurable and have helped me during my life coach sessions.  This journey isn’t easy — ebbs and flows are sure to come when you’re in the midst of this gritty process.  Through it all, she was there as a coach and mentor, helping me to create practical methods that will result in a steady progression, and talking me through moments of procrastination, blockage, and self-doubt.  We delved deep into positive self-talk, accountability, and consistency.  As a life coach, her dedication and commitment to her clients are top-priority because she genuinely cares.  I think the number one standout quality of Wenzes, is that she too has gone through this journey of exploration, evolution, and living without fear, and it is by doing the actual work that she has maximized her life to now live in color. This makes her so relatable and allows space for trust to be developed during this most vulnerable time — the establishment of the teacher and student relationship.  I know that everything she’s telling me comes from a place of understanding and experience.  What she’s asking of me, isn’t anything that she hasn’t asked of herself — and done. My journey is far from over, but I thank Wenzes for assisting me to no longer wait for the “perfect time” and to finally put one foot in front of the other—in the right direction.  Your guidance can’t be defined by words alone, nor can I begin to thank you enough for the invaluable lessons discovered about myself, about this journey, and life.  I’ll continue to carry them with me forever and I can’t wait to continue to do the work!  If you're looking to create a dynamic shift in your life, I emphatically recommend the 1-on-1 coaching program with Wenzes!


I have grown leaps and bounds in the six months I have committed to coaching with Wenzes—professionally, physically, mentally and emotionally. My work output is impressive and my confidence is at an all time high. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the next 6 months of working together. 


I took 3-month coaching with Wenzes because after finishing my PhD, I was feeling stuck, struggling with defining my further career goals and with getting the motivation to get anything done. Talking to Wenzes helped me in many ways, she is such an inspiring, supportive and motivating person! She encouraged me to try new things and helped me to feel better about myself, which created positive changes in my life! Now I have many plans that I will continue to work on :)
I really enjoyed talking to her, and I am very happy that I had coaching sessions with her. Thank you so much Wenzes!


Since Wenzes has been my life coach, I learned to prioritize the things that matter most to me, be more proactive, and set better boundaries. My energy has vastly increased, and I am happier. I love my life in ways I never did before.


Hiring Wenzes as my life coach is one of the best investments I've ever made in my life. 

I first started watching her videos a couple years ago as I was starting to recover from burnout and several years of narcissistic abuse.  At the time, I was interested in the practical tools she provided INFJs with in order to lead a more fulfilling life.  I found that most INFJ circles online were focused on a negative framework of victim mentality/indulging in passive behaviors by demonizing the rest of the world for not understanding us.  Wenzes - on the other hand - was the only INFJ expert to focus on training INFJs to be more assertive, which gave me hope and tangible steps to live a more empowered life. In this way, she is a leader in her field and is pushing the boundaries in a new and exciting direction. 

After a couple years of watching Wenzes, I noticed a huge change in her own energy: When she first started off on YouTube, she was simply *speaking* about being assertive, but a few years later, I could actually *feel* her assertive energy *bursting* through the screen, and I thought to myself: "She knows what she's talking about - she obviously practices what she preaches; I want to take that same journey and blossom the same way she has!" 

My first meeting with Wenzes left me feeling so understood and heard that I immediately decided to sign up for 6 months of sessions with her. Because she is passionate about learning all the different personality types through all the different personality sciences such as Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and Socionics, she possesses an innate and comprehensive understanding of all personality types, so I highly recommend her for everyone -- not just INFJs. 

Wenzes is authentic, powerful, inspiring, warm, generous, caring, loving, sweet, funny, and she genuinely wants the best for her clients. She is flexible and adapts to the unique needs of your communication style. I have attempted therapy throughout the entirety of my life but never felt heard or understood until I started life coaching sessions with Wenzes -- which says a lot about her coaching style if she can accomplish what trained therapists could never do for me. 

I love the way she shares vulnerably from her own experiences so that I can connect with her on a deep level and learn from her first-hand experiences and stories. I trust her fully and have come to lean on her as the foundation of my support system. In just a short amount of time, she has come to play a much larger role in my life than just as a life coach -- I now consider her a friend, a sister, family, and my biggest cheerleader! In fact, I hope to be able to keep her as my life coach for the rest of my life! :)

Every single session I have had with Wenzes has been the best part of my week; I am always immediately filled with so much energy, inspiration, and motivation that I feel like I can conquer the world. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Wenzes is a brilliant human and a focused, hard-working and dedicated coach. In the time I was privileged to have worked with her I was able to move forward in several areas I had been stagnated for years. She provided me with enough reassurance and direction that I did not feel overwhelmed and was able to build confidence, consistency and motivation while still being accountable for my actions. I felt completely comfortable with her and her approach- which was tailored to my needs, wants and lifestyle- and loved that she was never afraid to tell me the truth while remaining ever tactful and professional.  Wenzes is brilliant, powerful and commands respect. I highly suggest you take the initiative to make room for her in your life as the rewards are endless. Completely worth every second. Thanks a million Wenzes, you are a shining star.

- Athena -

Some tough circumstances in my personal life were the wake-up call I needed to realize there were things I had to get to the bottom of. For a long while I had felt like my head was disconnected from my body. True happiness and excitement were feelings I were unable to feel – I had locked them away along with negative feelings such as anger. I realized I had cultivated a growing belief that I am only worthy of other people’s acceptance and respect if I am of service to them and can figure out their needs. That I had to be perfect and never put myself in a position where I would risk to stand on somebody’s toes. Wenzes showed me how wrong this is – both to me and the people I was trying to soothe. She helped me get on a much more beneficial path. After each coaching session I felt more empowered to go out in the world and claim my right to stand out, be happy, just be me. Over the years I had come to the belief that my introvert personality kept me from living what Wenzes calls “an epic life”. Exactly that is now what I am going for, and all aspects of my life has changed to the better much faster than I would even have dreamed of 3 months ago. I can only warmly recommend hiring Wenzes as your coach. It requires motivation – of course – and most of the work you have to do yourself. But even when I felt like I had figured myself out, she would always offers something new that I had not thought of, and that would help me grow. It has been such an amazing journey!


Wenzes has the ability to combine genuine empathy with deep professionalism and a proactive, rational outlook. She manages to involve herself, her story and her whole personality in her coaching in ways that bring a very valuable element of trust and sincerity that cannot be replicated and cannot be faked. While holding space and showing respect for my emotional experiences, she manages to guide me towards a solution on my own terms. Her presence in my life for the past years, both coaching and other resources, has brought invaluable transformation for me.


As a avid reader of MBTI sites, it can be pretty easy to know what will alter your motivations and what you excel at. What they don't tell you is that you can't always make changes on your own. Even though logic tells you to do one thing, you are only human. Our emotions get the better of us, we make mistakes, even unintentionally, and many times a bad day can kill your motivation to work. Yet, logic still tell you that paying for external support is stupid 

So, I opted to do the free session.

Even though I found value in what I learned from her videos, I only opted into the free session because it was free. Honestly, I thought I was going to waste my money if I let her convince me to do the coaching. I wanted someone to analyze my situation and show me the next step I work on.

By the end of the session, my weaknesses, especially my lack of consistency, became clear to me. She treated me with respect and I liked her personality, so I figured that she would keep me consistent ...and that's exactly what happened 

Looking back, I'm so glad that I'm wasting my money on her now because she has gotten me amazing results. Wenzes is serious, yet flexible. Fun yet discerning. All of those qualities make her a coach that I find to be more of a loyal teammate on your journey, even though she is also guiding you, with your personality in mind, to stick to what you've set out to do.

Thanks to Wenzes, I been able to post 35 posts in a row on LinkedIn and gained ~150 daily readers, many of which signed up for coaching with me. She also taught me that the increase of my prices or services should not be dependent on what other people do but rather on how I've grown since I set my last price. If I charged $20 when I first started and I was only able to get someone 1 result, then I should charge more money if I'm able to get them 1 results plus 4-5 other background results due to my experience. Pricing merits that you value what you put out there without downgrading how you feel about yourself. So, in that sense, her views have impacted me a lot. 

Here's a couple of other things I've found beneficial:

She cares about you, but she doesn't impose her ideas on you 
At the end of each session, there is always an action plan so you aren't lost on what you have to do during the week
She's very flexible when it comes to scheduling and does whatever she can to help you in the background (even when she should just be enjoying her vacation)
She'll only talk about personality when it's necessary so we don't get sidetracked from the goal (which as an ENFP has proven to be immensely helpful)
She is someone who lets you choose where you want to go but is always willing to follow and support your decisions, whichever way it takes you.
To sum it up, Wenzes is truly a coach that you can depend on. If you got the money, just throw it at her and start working. 

- Eyram- 

Wenzes is very well prepared professional, wise and full of positive ideas. Personal sessions with Wenzes helped me a lot to go over my fears and limitations. When I started with her I was having a hard time at work and also in my personal life. She supports me to organize my activities to be more efficient and to have more energy, contributing not only to my own development but also to the people that surround me. She also enlightened me to be aware of my emotions and acknowledging them in order to reach a more balanced space. I can highly recommend coaching sessions with Wenzes, without a doubt deep and meaningful changes will occur in your life during this journey with her.
Follow your insight!

-Marcia Gaete- 
Principal Investigator at Embryology lab
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile